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Havis Touch Screen Display

You can always Rely on Havis to clean up your Patrol vehicle with their extremely functional new Touch Screen Monitor and keyboard. Contact us for a demonstration at your agency’s location. #havis #productivityinmotion                View More Product Info

VIPER™ Shield Enhanced Space Saver Partitions

The VIPERTM Shield Rapid Deployment System takes protection outside of the vehicle with the officer. This lightweight shield is capable of providing protection for officers against the uncertainties they face daily; situations like warranty service, felony stops, domestic disputes, or even routine traffic stops that… Continue Reading “VIPER™ Shield Enhanced Space Saver Partitions”

Whelen Carbide – Always a Step Ahead

CenCom Carbide is the latest from the Whelen proven family of products, with reliable, situation-based integration. Carbide offers advanced engineering for superior automated performance. Simple to install, simple to configure, simple to clone. Call us or contact us for a live demonstration!  Visit… Continue Reading “Whelen Carbide – Always a Step Ahead”


It all started in a garage in 1952, when George Whelen III invented the first rotating aviation beacon. A privately owned company, Whelen has experienced positive growth for more than six decades. The pride and commitment of its workforce, whose employment longevity averages over 22… Continue Reading “Whelen”

Pro-gard Products