Harrisburg Fire Show

Harrisburg Fire Show is under way. Come see us in the Whelen booth in the main hall.  Booth #’s 479-480.


Lancaster County Firemen’s Association Annual FIRE EXPO
Show held at Pennsylvania Farm Show & Expo Center in Harrisburg, PA 17110
2300 North Cameron Street
PA Route 22 at I-81 Exit 67
Friday May 18, 2018   10am – 5pm
Saturday May 19, 2018   10am – 5pm
Sunday May 20, 2018   10am – 4pm

See you at FDIC 2018

From Hands-on training, classroom sessions and face to face networking with product leaders, FDIC 2018 will transform the way you look at how to preform your job.

We will be in the Whelen Booth (#908) and the Rockland Custom Product Booth (#3009) showing off new products and answering questions.

We hope to see you this year at FDIC!

2018 FDIC Graphic

Whelen CanTrol® WC Light and Siren System

Total Vehicle Integration and Control

Create dynamic unified warning by incorporating every light and siren on your cruiser into custom program configurations. Officers keep both hands on the wheel instead of trying to figure out which button to push!

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Gear Clear Venting System


Every time you leave a fire an emergency scene, your turnout gear retains numerous contaminated and hazardous materials.  Keeping your soiled turnout gear in your car for any length of time exposes yourself, family and loved ones to toxins, and carcinogens that enter the body though ingestion, inhalation or absorption.  NFPA released the 1851 standard dealing with Selection, Care, Maintenance and Storage, and the Rockland Custom Products cabinet was built to comply with their regulations.  Many Firefighters carry their contaminated gear in the trunks of either their personal or Chiefs vehicles.  This results in super heating and off-gassing of the contaminants, which flows throughout the rest of the vehicle.  The Gear Clear Venting System Cabinet (patent pending) addresses all of the main points within the NFPA 1851 standard regarding storage of gear. The Gear Clear Venting System Cabinet (patent pending) keeps the gear dry, well ventilated, shields gear from direct sunlight, and transported in the passenger compartment of a vehicle.  You face enough dangers; stop exposing your family and yourself to harmful off-gassing.

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Havis Touch Screen Display

You can always Rely on Havis to clean up your Patrol vehicle with their extremely functional new Touch Screen Monitor and keyboard. Contact us for a demonstration at your agency’s location. #havis #productivityinmotion

TSD-101_P_5-16-W_250    TSD-101_A_1-16 (2)_600






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VIPER™ Shield Enhanced Space Saver Partitions

The VIPERTM Shield Rapid Deployment System takes protection outside of the vehicle with the officer. This lightweight shield is capable of providing protection for officers against the uncertainties they face daily; situations like warranty service, felony stops, domestic disputes, or even routine traffic stops that can quickly escalate.



Whelen Carbide – Always a Step Ahead

CenCom Carbide is the latest from the Whelen proven family of products, with reliable, situation-based integration. Carbide offers advanced engineering for superior automated performance. Simple to install, simple to configure, simple to clone.

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Whelen Fleet Reps Carbide

 Visit Carbide.Whelen.com for more information


Whelen Ceridian Series

Introducing Whelen’s innovative and economic Ceridian Series. Featuring an all-new low-profile design, the Ceridian Series is engineered for versatility and convenience. Laser etched opaque colored domes provide full customization. A multitude of options are available, including a center speaker and lighted signs. The Ceridian Series is available with SOLO™, DUO™, or TRIO™ Linear Super-LED technology.

Rockland Custom Products

Known for our Rock Solid Engineering, along with our Innovative and Creative products, Rockland designs, and manufactures products for Law Enforcement Agencies, Fire Departments, Emergency and First Responders, the Avid Sportsman and Hunter, along with the Off-Road Adventurer. From the most simple open compartment cabinet to ones with lighting and touchscreen TV’s, to our exclusive Illumi-Grille, we are always on the cutting edge creating and manufacturing products for the industries we serve. The entire Rockland line delivers custom, secure, practical, functional, and innovative products at an affordable price.


It all started in a garage in 1952, when George Whelen III invented the first rotating aviation beacon.

A privately owned company, Whelen has experienced positive growth for more than six decades. The pride and commitment of its workforce, whose employment longevity averages over 22 years, is rewarded through a profit-sharing plan established by the Whelen family when the company was founded.

The development of the first aviation light helped launch Whelen into the automotive safety lighting industry as well. Whelen currently provides safety lighting for Police, Fire, EMS and DOT professionals as well as many other industries. The production volumes in the automotive sector have allowed Whelen to invest in the latest automated assembly equipment in order to compete world-wide. Last year, Whelen purchased over 44 million LEDs for use in their extensive family of products.

In the 1970’s, Whelen introduced the Outdoor Warning Siren – totally electronic and capable of not only warning tones but also high-powered voice messages. The Mass Notification Division has saved lives around the world.

Whelen Corporate Capabilities

At Whelen Engineering, our goal is to bring innovative, life-saving products to market more quickly, while maintaining strict quality control throughout the process. We have accomplished this through a vertical manufacturing initiative to eliminate or reduce out-sourcing, the use of robotics and state-of-the art production equipment, and perhaps most importantly, a motivated workforce of over 1,500 employees. This allows us to meet and adapt to our customers’ changing needs in the shortest amount of time.

Our capabilities include:

  • Two manufacturing facilities totaling over 800,000 square feet
  • The largest staff of design engineers in the industry
  • A robust research & development program
  • Partnerships with OEMs for new vehicle design and product integration
  • Plastics injection molding machines from 30- to 2,000-ton capacity
  • In-house plastics, hard coating, metallizing and sheet metal fabrication
  • On-site test lab for environmental dust, moisture and vibration and more
  • Acoustic anechoic sound chamber for audio testing
  • Industry certifications, including SAE, AMECA, FAA
  • Sales and technical personnel training at the factory training center
  • A worldwide network of sales, training and service personnel

Pro-gard Products

Since 1968, Pro-gard Products has provided the safest, most durable law enforcement products designed to perform on the open road. We take pride in the craftsmanship and quality that goes into making our products the safest and most reliable in the industry. Pro-gard is proud to offer our products to the entire United States as well as many foreign markets. As a company we can provide everything you will need to protect yourself and your vehicle from the uncertainties that happen each and every day.

Pro-gard continues its tradition of developing problem solving products for the law enforcement market today as we continue to expand our product offerings to accommodate the needs of the agencies and departments we serve. Our most recent product growth has been with the acquisition of two established product families, the AOI Electrical Airbag On/off Switch and the Safestop Vehicle Anti-theft System. These Electronic Vehicle Protection Products have expanded our company into a new direction for providing safety equipment for police fleets.

We value the trust that we have built with agencies, end users, and distributors over nearly a half century and look forward to our continued partnerships within the industry as we continue to grow and develop the products that meet the needs of the law enforcement community.